November 11, 2009

Movin' on Up

So I've mostly abandoned my diy projects for the home at the moment, as it turns out that we will be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the year, and this may involve a purge of all large sized (read: furniture) belongings. Thus, no more need for fancy pants slip covers, no more hunting for the perfect objects to turn into drawer pulls, no more worries about how exactly to decorate three story walls without access to a ladder. Instead, my energies are focused on the how, what, when, and where of moving, after which, they'll be focused on how to make our miniscule new place a cozy home.

That said, I'm starting to say good bye to Eugene, OR, my home for the last two and half years. I haven't always loved it, but there are many things I'll miss. Here are a few.

My daily commute to work (well, post school, anyways). A lovely bicycle path along the river. I'll also miss having autumn. The southwest doesn't really experience autumn, which quickly became my favorite season after my first northwest October.

Speaking of fall, I'll also miss the gray skies of winter, the rain, the fog, and the wonderful clothing options that one simply must have to deal with these things. Boots, scarves, lots of layers, and a warm pretty coat. Oh, and hoods or hats. I love hats.

The really delicious food. Northwest cuisine is fresh, local, and full of yummy things like hazelnuts, cheeses, berries, greens, mushrooms. Also salmon, but I don't eat sea food... The places I recommend most include The Vintage, Papa's Soul Food, The Sweet Life, though there are many more.

The wine! The Willamette Valley is great for vintners and there are tons of local wineries in the area, many of which have free or cheap tastings and food, and all are nestled in gorgeous scenery. Spending a late afternoon with rare March sunshine on the patio of Sweet Cheeks or a summer morning sampling the amazing pinots at King's Estate is pretty much perfect. Plus, they have the Oregon attitude and much of what they do is sustainable, organic, and local. I'm going to miss that.

I will also, of course, miss the lovely and wonderful people I've met while here, but I'll let them keep their antics off the blogosphere...

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