July 1, 2010

Window Shopping

Oh my my...

Have you seen the Lady Dior campaign yet? You can find it here.

I think my favorite is Lady Blue Shanghai, perhaps in part because I always enjoy being utterly perplexed by David Lynch. But Marion Cotillard makes for a swell dame noir in the Lady Noire film -- she always seems so impossibly vintage, doesn't she? And the Lady Rouge video grew on me, between her fab eye makeup as the lady in red, and her rocking performance with Franz Ferdinand in the chorus.

The funny thing is that I really don't see the appeal of the Dior bags -- but then, I really never go in for designer bags. I'm assuming that a fair portion of the wardrobe, at least for Cotillard, is Dior, and there were definitely some pieces to covet. I'll start with those sunglasses at the Eiffel Tower, followed by her suit in Shanghai. And I really really enjoy the campaign from a purely aesthetic perspective. Dior uses very talented people to create remarkable art, much as, I assume, they do with their product line. But I'll never see the appeal of a purse canvased in a designer logo, and I just don't get quilted patent leather. But I'm one of the few, so I'm sure we'll get to see plenty more of these delicious campaigns in the future, no?

Image found here.

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