August 30, 2010

The Scientific Method

I love the Internet. I really really do. I love blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, shopping... I love the way it opens new ways to communicate, educate, inform, share, delight, scare. I love the speed of it, the versatility, the ribozomatic interconnectivity of it. Okay, enough nerd speak. I love the Internet.

That said, I have been waiting for the next evolution of new media. It offers such potential for an entirely new way of thinking and conveying information, but sadly all too often it is used merely as a new way to replicate the old. Blogs -- as much as I lurve them -- are just shiny linktastic magazines or newspapers. Flickr and youtube just represent mass scale versions of Uncle George's vacation slide show presentation. Sure, they offer a lot of potential to reach new audiences in new ways, and they can be tons-o-fun, but they are nevertheless familiar, no?

So my mind was pretty much blown when I found Arcade Fire's Chrome Experiment. It is like a truly new music video, an interactive, multifaceted experience that combines uses the power of the internet to fuel something really ace. Go experience it. And then come help me figure out other awesome ways to use this wicked new tool sometimes still known as the world wide web.


  1. Are you taking a bath in books? Oh, wow, que sexy, no? ;) What books are they?

  2. I am indeed! I made sure to pick out only my favorites -- all of Austen is there, along with some of my best comfort trashy novels, some kids lit, and some proper lit. I don't recall the exact count, but I think there were about 70 odd books scattered around, though I'm not sure they're all visible.