January 3, 2011

Make, Do, See

I know January is almost over, but I've been honing my list of resolutions and plans for this year and am just finally getting where I want it. I probably should also add "Resist procrastination" to the list, but I am trying to only put realistic expectations on my list. Basically my theme is to make more, do more, see more. As opposed to just watching reruns on Netflix again, or reading that same novel I've already read six times. While both activities are awesome and will not disappear from my repertoire, I'd like to add a little more to my days. So here's my list. I'll try to blog what I manage to make, do, and see so you can share in the fun!
  • Explore the bejeezus out of this city -- only one year left!
  • Eat real foods, mostly plants, as much as possible!
  • Finish that dern novel! Start a new one!
  • No more plastic bags!
  • Floss more!
  • Learn something new -- dance, tai chi, calligraphy, knitting, graphic design, martial arts, or something else entirely! Maybe even more than one thing!
  • Get my life ready to move to a new continent!
Any favorite themes, key words, or plans for 2011?

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