October 21, 2010

Am I bovered?

As a good little nerd girl, I have a deep love of Doctor Who. I didn't grow up with it but discovered it after the revitalization with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Then I became quickly obsessed. Witty, sweet, nerdy, a tad bit meta, and really good scifi, the show continues to be good, though with each companion change or doctor regeneration I'm always ready to say goodbye. But each time, they live up to their previous high standard (well, most of the time... Sorry, Martha but you have nothing on Rose.), or even exceed it.

One of the best pairings, though, was of David Tennant's Doctor and Catherine Tate's Companion. No romantic hints at all. Just quality comedy, smart commentary, and a truly moving transformation of Donna from something like her character below to the DoctorDonna and then, with such sorrow and grace, back again. The clip below is from a skit show I'm not familiar with -- having no British programming available to me, despite my hundred plus tv channels -- but features Tate and Tennant in their glory. The speed, the depth, the literariness, the confidence.


Sorry for all the videos lately. I know it is lazy blogging. I'm working diligently away on a few other projects that need finishing. I'll be sure to share here as I go, but for now, you get lazy blogging. But hey, it saves you from doing all the youtube searches yourself, eh?

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