September 17, 2009

Stickin' it to My Ribs

One of the delights of living in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene is the easy peasy walking access to Papa's Soul Food. Authentic southern joint, down home atmosphere, a bitchin' patio and really really really good music. And their menu is one of my favorite pieces of graphic design around -- you can see one page of it in the image. Oh, and the food. This food rivals that of small town joints in rural Georgia -- it is that good. My man and I went tonight for a bit of a rejuvenation.

He had the pork ribs with collard greens and mac and cheese. I had pulled pork with potato salad and mac and cheese... The bbq sauce is that perfect blend of smoky and spicy, with neither overwhelming the other or overwhelming the flavors of the perfect cooked meat. The mac and cheese is pale yellow, thick, with very soft fat elbows. My potato salad was creamy with hints of mustard and crisp pops of celery. I didn't try the greens (I just can't do that texture... ick!) but my mister thought they were really quite tasty. The beer was our favorite local IPA -- Ninkasi -- which is so damn tasty but packs a secret punch. Plus, we could walk the few blocks to and from, to try and ease our swollen bellies after the meal...

I'm already drooling over my leftover pulled pork sammich for lunch the next couple days (yeah, I had that much served to me). Yummmm...

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