March 20, 2010

Starting from Scratch

One of the fun parts of a new home in a new city with mostly new furniture is all the new decorating schemes I can come up with. I'm not limited to matching all my usual furniture and art, and I get to entirely rearrange the little I kept -- much easier done as you unpack a new place than rearranging a fully set up home. This said, although I've been in our current place for nearly three months, and we've been almost entirely unpacked for about two of those months, I only just hung the first wall art a few days ago.

I've decided on colors for the apartment (mostly blues and greens with some plum and pops of rust, ochre, leaf, and yellow all on a black and white background), and have some things purchased, other things bookmarked or planned, and other things are on the wish list or eventual diy list. But one of the things I'm currently ogling as either a purchase or an attempted diy is collection of giant tissue poms.

At first I was thinking a nice collection over my tv in the living room, but the a.c. is right there and might cause issues. More importantly, my kiwi scowled when I mentioned the idea. Now I'm thinking over the bed, as a contrast to the accent wall (inspired by this in black and white, since I can't paint the apartment) I'm planning as an alternative head board. The trick is finding great tissue paper in all my very specific colors.

The every lovely PomLove has a gorgeous selection of colors, and also has clearly mastered the art of poms. I'm currently tempted by the She and Him mobile, seen above, but also by a collection of perhaps 5 or 7 poms in my preferred shades to suspend at various lengths from the ceiling... (I also want her paper source, so I can start using those gorgeous tissues for wrapping, decoupage, and every other possible paper use I can come up with...) If you too are interested in these lovely creations, check out the giveaway on Post Grad Hair Cut.


  1. These colors and pom poms are really cute.


  2. I love poms but you don't have to buy them. I am very craft challenged and I've successfully made these a bunch of times. Super easy.

  3. Twila, Yes! I'm seriously becoming addicted.

    You Are My Fave, that is good to know. I made something like a pom for my christmas tree topper last year, and it wasn't too hard. Now I just have to find all the colors I want!