May 20, 2010

Fauxbulous Party

Being a new girl in a strange city makes it hard to indulge my love of parties. I just don't know enough people here to successfully throw a party, and the few I do are all spread throughout the area, making it hard to get everyone together. However, I still get the urge to throw a party every other day. (Especially as my birthday comes up in a couple weeks.) So I've decided to throw pretend parties in my mind, and tell you all about them here, so you can attend them in your imaginations too.

Today's party is a fictional birthday party (one of many), for my upcoming day. Since it is my fake party, making me guest of honor, I'm going to wear my favorite navy blue dress and shiny gold shoes and hey, since we are playing pretend, I think I'll wear this necklace as my pretend birthday present to myself! The party itself will have a rose and gold theme, very feminine, glamorous and lush. Here's what I'm thinking:

Gold glittery party hats, like this awesome party. And I'm sure we'd get gold glitter all over ourselves and everything else, which would be delightful.

Tissue poms in pretty shades of rose and peach and metallic gold.

Cake balls instead of regular cake, served on sticks. I'm thinking spice cake with lemon frosting and a dark chocolate ganache coating.

Hey, how about a pretty table for the food, arranged in a pretty and colorful way. I think some thrifting might be in order for trays and plates!

Maybe some of my favorite little savory crostini to cut the sweetness -- pear, blue cheese, and walnut; cranberry, caramelized onion, and brie; apple, mint, and havarti all on freshly toasted slices of baguette.

And little party favor bags, like at the best birthday parties when we were kids, with horns, bubbles, candy necklaces. And maybe something grown up. I love the little splash sizes from Demeter. They're only $6 and last forever. I often wear grass in summer and paperback in winter, but this could be a great time to try birthday cake or something funky like play-doh or sawdust. Perhaps little cloth bags (simply undyed muslin?), with a happy message written on it in gold paint.

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