January 15, 2010

Eating Well

As part of my resolutions, I'm trying to be healthier. This means, in large part, changing my eating habits. I'm a snacker, a mindless eater, and kind of a pig, especially when it comes to sweet treats and salty chips/crackers. Candy is definitely a problem. I have no intention to stop eating these things, not at all. Just eating them in greater moderation, and trying to balance them out by eating mostly really good, real food. Lots of produce, low fat dairy, whole grains, beans, with a bit of meat and other miscellany. You know, all those foods that you know you are supposed to be eating but don't necessarily do. Michael Pollan has told us this, The Food Network has told us this, and hell, probably Al Gore for all I know. The real trick is doing it.

The delicious blog the kitchn posted a few days ago about foodie Alton Brown and his way of eating better. I read the post and watched the links to Alton's show -- isn't he a cutie in that oh-so-delightful geeky way? -- and found myself pretty jazzed about all the goodness I could eat.

And if I may be so bold as to improve on Alton's wisdom, I suggest you throw a handful or two of leafy dark greens (like spinach! yum!) in that smoothie. Especially for those who don't like spinach so much -- all the other rich flavors totally overpower it, and you'll never know it's there. Plus, I like to pair my small to medium sized smoothie with a wasa cracker spread with peanut butter. Keeps me full longer, gives me something to chew on, and it is tasty! And I find that when I start the day eating right, I'm so much more likely to continue to do so.

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