January 17, 2010

Yesterday I had a lovely conversation with a little old lady (Can I call her that? I mean it with all affection possible) while at work. She was funny, hip, and willing to give me advice on pretty much every subject without asking for it. And while normally someone spewing advice on everything without your having asked for it can be really irritating, hers was so spot on and charming, I couldn't help but bask in it. She was delightful.

She offered suggestions on more immediate concerns, such as getting a job worthy of me. She also informed me that my boyfriend should give me the biggest rock possible, because if it was a sacrifice for him to buy it, it'll be more of an obligation for him to stick around -- he won't want to walk away from an investment that big. I'm not entirely sure I agree with the logic on that one, but it was really adorable.

She also gave me more of the standard wise elder to foolish youth advice -- don't hurry this life, but don't waste your time/efforts/energy in the meantime. And while I'm sure most of us have heard something to this effect at various points in our life, it really hit me this time. Perhaps because her manner and other advice were so warm, honest, and quirky, perhaps because I was entirely smitten with her, perhaps because I was just open to hearing it, but something about it really hit home.

So I'm going to try and live up to her expectations -- though it is quite likely I won't ever see here again. This week I'll take pleasure and enjoyment from life, but I also won't spend my downtime lolling on the couch reading blogs and channel surfing. I'll actively try to change things in my life I don't like. On the list for this week:

1. New job. I may not get the job any time soon, but I can prepare myself for any openings in the future, and start making connections in a variety of fields that interest me.

2. New hobbies. TV, while I love it, isn't a real hobby. I'll work on my novel, do some sewing, and try to finish my book on physics. And maybe I can learn a little more about this magical but daunting new city -- the L.A. area has so much to offer, why waste time in my tiny apartment?

3. New health. I'll find a gym I like and eat real food in proper portions. With maybe a naughty snack or two over the course of the week.

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