January 14, 2010

The Hanky

My charming boyfriend uses handkerchiefs. When I first discovered this about him, I was delighted and amused, as the only other person I knew who used them was my southern gentleman grandfather. Also, I was a little freaked out, because who wants a used tissue hanging out in their pocket all day? But after awhile, I began to notice others who use them, and have borrowed them on occasion from said charming boyfriend. Then my lovely mother gave me a pretty floral one in my stocking this past Christmas, and I put it in my purse to have on hand. I've used it a few times, and appreciated its handiness, convenience, eco-friendly nature. And then I caught a cold. (I could now launch an aside on why this was just another reason for me to be annoyed with L.A., but I won't) And now I'm hooked. They are softer than tissues, can be used far more times before a new one is needed, and even then, you simply wash the hanky and start afresh. It doesn't hurt that it only gets softer with each wash, or that it makes me feel like a lady to pull a hanky from my purse, neatly folded into squares, to catch my sneeze. And tomorrow at work, when I'm sniffly and sneezy and generally disgusting, I'll have it tucked in my pocket to retain some semblance of dignity. Ladies and gentlemen, go get yourselves some hankies.

ps: The image is from here. I found lots of cute ones on etsy. I also found a box of 6 plain white ones at Ross for about $5, for all you crafty types to decorate yourselves. Or for you minimalist folks who like it simple.

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