January 7, 2010


I really like New Year Resolutions. They give me goals, inspiration, and excellent unachievable tasks to make myself feel like I might have enormous potential. Seriously, though, I do love me a nice list of goals and make them throughout the year. I have my Before 30 list, my annual lists, and lots and lots of daily and weekly lists. Unfortunately, I tend to be really bad at the follow through. So I'm trying to make my annual list this year with some of my usual high standards, and enough that are truly accomplishable. Of course, the fact that I haven't really started any of them yet (cough, cough) is a great sign.

1. Feel Fancy every day, in at least some small way

2. Make use of the Library: Learn new things and read delicious novels for free!

4. Be healthy. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.

5. Play often.

6. Finish my novel and sell it.

7. Start and finish a planned spoof with my sister

8. Revive my awesome band

9. Be a better (i.e., regular poster of interesting tidbits) blogger

10. Learn the complete dances to both Thriller and Single Ladies

11. Be a better sewer, crafter, artist

12. Be like Chuck

13. Become a teacher (HS English OR HS Earth Science if my lucky stars align)

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