August 4, 2009

It is one year, ten months, one day and twenty-one hours later...

Oh, Pushing Daisies, my love. I miss you.

Called the love child of Tim Burton and Dr. Suess, with a splash of technicolor bright film noir, Bryan Fuller's third television series is by far my favorite. Certainly, Wonderfalls was brilliant and would have been great had it been allowed to play out for a full season or two, and Dead Like Me was tons-o-fun. Both incorporate a bit of morbid playfulness with magical realism, fast paced dialog and oh so sassy heroines, and the attention to detail in the aesthetics of the series is remarkable. But my true love is Pushing Daisies. Both seasons are now out on DVD -- though sadly, neither is a complete season -- and I urge you to go get both and settle down with some tasty pie for a delicious, delightful adventure! And once you've seen it all (so there are no chances for spoliers), check out this rad interview with Bryan Fuller, the creator: What Would've Happened On Pushing Daisies If It Hadn't Been Cancelled

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