August 4, 2009

Statement Necklaces

I am loving the big fabric flower necklaces I keep seeing everywhere. At first, I wasn't terribly keen on the fabric necklaces, but the more I see them on models -- plain tee or tank, jeans, maybe boots or fun pumps and a sassy necklace -- I wants one. It provides that same great pop of color and texture of a scarf, but is much cooler in the summer weather and keeps the sleek lines of an outfit of basics. I haven't decided exactly what style I like best yet, but window shopping on is spoiling me for choice!

I'm also thinking of making one or two myself, to customize texture, color and length. I may even make one as a brooch instead of a necklace, which will work better when the relief of cooler weather means bulkier cardigans and jackets..

Enjoy the few below I've currently got my eye on...





Just Liv

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