August 19, 2009

Museum Chic

I’ve been musing further on what to do with the new place. My current idea for the living/dining area stemmed from a desire to paint all my furniture with black lacquer. I love the sleek, shiny look of a high gloss black finish. It makes the most cheap pieces look so much nicer, and is an excellent backdrop for a variety of design schemes: i.e., when I get the urge to redesign everything, it is a matter of details, not the entire slate.

So, that leaves me with a long low dresser, a long rectangular and higher square coffee table and a bar/wine rack that could be coated black, and possibly a bookshelf or two. But then what? I started with the dresser. I like the drawer pulls it currently has – aged metal details – but since it doesn’t need constant use, why not something a little less practical and a lot more fun? Like big chunks of rock or gemstone? Or odd pieces of driftwood? They’d pop against the shiny black and really bring some fun to the entire room. Thus sprang the following inspiration board that blends natural history, vintage museums, and sleek modernity.

The rooms would have to work with the ugly apartment base – brown carpet, white walls, ugly fixtures and window treatments – that I’m not allowed to change. Alas. But I think with some statement furniture and great details, this look could be almost as much fun as it would be in some great space with stained concrete floors, oriental rugs, industrial fixtures and all the money in the world…

Colors: blue, green, black, wood, cream with pops of rust, plum and orange
Textures: enamel, wood, linen, bamboo, velvet, stone
Sources for the above board (from left to right):

Terrariums (and a how-to!) Gem Drawer Pulls Black plates The art of Aili Schmeltz Turquoise The art of Jaclyn Mednicov Silver flatware Driftwood shelf Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiousities Claws Table Steamer trunk Steampunk beetles Leather chair

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