August 16, 2009

Nerd is the new black

I am all about the librarian chic. If I were to scrap my closet and start over, every piece would belong to this aesthetic. I know the hipsters tried to appropriate it and that hornrim glasses seem to be oh so trendy these days, but I don't care. For me, librarian chic isn't just about boxy glasses, cardigans, tweed skirts and loafers. Instead, it is a look that pulls from all kinds of vintage, academic sources. It is the muted jewel tones of leather spines, club chairs and oriental rugs, Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby. It is argyle, tweed, plaid, cashmere, silk, lace, brass, glass, maple. It brings the Ivory Tower down to a cozy level where comfort, layers, and texture rule. It is Nikola Tesla, dirigibles, and Indiana Jones. It is all of these things draped on Heidi Klum: smart and fusty and comfy, but simultaneously elegant, refined, and sexy.

As I am daydreaming about fall weather and the return of all my favorite layering pieces, I've put together a little inspiration board that I hope conveys what I see as the quintessence of librarian chic...

Glasses Oxford heels Watch Parts Ring Key and Magnifier Necklace Tweed Suit Computer Sexy writer Cloche Tea Service School Newspaper Outfit Book Spines Library

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